Breizh Civic Lab: collective intelligence at the service of political innovation

The ambition of BREIZH CIVIC LAB is to provide the keys to reflexion and action in order to envision the political future of Brittany on new bases – civic, republican and urban. Its activities aim at thinking and debating but also proposing and experimenting new collective practices from the point of view of citizen innovation as well as public action. BREIZH CIVIC LAB wishes to fully contribute to the construction of the general interest in Brittany.



This initiative is carried by individuals who have found themselves on the BZH Network (5 to 6000 members), regularly exchanging their analyses, ideas and visions on Brittany. In 2018, the decision to create BREIZH CIVIC LAB was taken following the launch of the European Democracy Lab, whose civic manifesto envisions a European Republic organised on the basis of cities and regions. Something similar in terms of organisation (citizens and academics) could take shape in Brittany.

BREIZH CIVIC LAB is based on the observation that the Bretons no longer really have any collective ambition to build strong, integrated institutions to better respond to current and future challenges. To remedy this, it is necessary to revive the civic spirit and initiative in Brittany by provoking the debate through a citizen approach, that is to say non-elitist. BREIZH CIVIC LAB also wishes to be a force of proposal and influence in terms of political innovation, both in the fields of citizen participation and public action.


Our strategic triptych comes in the following order of priority.

Civic Brittany – The territorial limits of historical Brittany have never been cultural or linguistic but political. It is in the continuity of this community of destiny that a civic space of collective intelligence must be built and constantly renewed by the debate, involving all Breton citizens, whether from Brittany or elsewhere.

Republican Brittany – The major transformations at work invite without further delay political innovation. The current institutional system, both centralised and fragmented, no longer meets the new challenges of development, regulation and solidarity. In the name of republican principles, the general interest must be borne by a new regional leadership, through a community with extensive powers: the Assembly of Brittany.

Urban Brittany – The rise of cities in a globalised world encourages us to rethink the regional action which must imperatively integrate the urban matter. Breton metropolises, more than ever drivers of innovation, are also called upon to collaborate more in the regional framework. Brittany, urban and cosmopolitan, must fully assert itself and cooperate in the emerging Europe of cities and regions.


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